Don Baas

Don earned his Physical Therapy degree from Fresno State University in 1990 and has been providing patient care, practice management, and clinical development since.  Don has focused on outpatient physical therapy with his first leadership role in the Seattle Washington area, managing and developing a successful multidisciplinary team focused on both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.  Don has also co-developed multiple highly successful Urgent and Family Care Centers in the Vancouver, Washington area and is currently the CEO and co-developer/co-owner of Western Physical Therapy, Inc., our multi-practice company with offices from the Sacramento area to north of Redding.  Highlights of Don’s patient care career include programs development for pre-and postsurgical rehabilitation patients, mentoring and developing treatment and clinical operational skills for physical therapists taking leadership roles within the company, and working with high-level throwing athletes during their rehabilitation for shoulder and elbow injuries with a focus on clinical healing and prevention.  It has been Don’s highest privilege to work alongside of and learn from and grow with our fine physical therapists and supporting staff at all levels.  Don is a longtime Redding resident and a graduate from Enterprise High School, later attending Shasta College before transferring to Fresno State.  He enjoys cycling, fishing, all things outdoors, and most of all spending time with his family.

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